About Us

Best Solar Panel Cleaning & Pressure Washing in Menifee

Welcome to Squeaky Clean Solar Pros, your trusted provider of solar panel and property maintenance services in Menifee and the surrounding areas. We are a family-owned business, fully licensed, insured, and certified by the NCSP (National Cleaning and Painting Association). Our specialty is high-quality, low-cost services with deionized water, providing efficient, clean services that are environmentally friendly. Our goal is to make your pro... Learn more

Comprehensive Range of Professional Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for solar panel cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning, bird proofing, pressure washing, and more. Our main focus is to ensure our customers are left feeling confident in the quality of the services we provide. We understand that, when it comes to home maintenance, you want a job well done. That’s why we use only the best professional equipment, ensuring our work is completed to the highest stand... Learn more

Is Your Property Ready for Spring Cleaning?

At Squeaky Clean Solar Pros, we use high-quality, professional equipment to make sure your roof and exterior surfaces look pristine. Our experienced technicians will take care of the job competently, leaving your property looking clean and new. We mainly specialize in roof and exterior cleaning services for your property.

Not only does cleaning your roof and exterior surfaces help prevent premature aging and protect the material, but it als... Learn more